Ultimate Ride

Simulation 2001 Windows Disney Tycoon style Building

Solid roller coaster construction kit

Anyone looking for a break from the usual action, puzzle or strategy games would be well advised to check out Ultimate Ride, a game which exercises the imagination in a wonderfully creative fashion that is akin to something like Stunt Island. It's basically a 3D roller coaster construction set where you choose from one of three styles of basic coaster (steel, wooden or hanging) and then let your imagination run riot as you create the craziest, most fear-inducing ride you can before introducing your friends to it and hoping that they will at least feel virtually sick (in a good kind of way). The interface is a key aspect of any construction set and fortunately, Ultimate Ride scores pretty highly in this respect, with an easy-to-use and highly flexible system that is intuitive to pick and which makes crafting your perfect coaster a relative breeze. There's a decent amount of features and environments to make use of, but if anything there could have been a few more included to enhance the depth and range of options on display. Another major aspect of a game that allows you to create intense them park attractions is speed and again, Ultimate does a great job here. There is a genuine sense of rushing along at mad paces and with all the twists and turns, it's pretty close to actually being on a real ride. The one real problem with the game is its poor sound, with minimal effects and an entirely absent soundtrack. This is a fairly minor issue though and as long as you can ignore it, then you should have plenty of fun with Ultimate Ride as it does exactly what it says on the tin.

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