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Not revolutionary, but fun to play

Clandestiny is a puzzle-solving mystery game released in 1996 and published by Electronic Arts, one of the company leaders that provides the best and the most popular videogames. Its developer, Trilobyte, also created The 7th Guest. Your character is Andrew Macphiles, who inherited a haunted Scottish Castle. He is accompanied by his girlfriend when he goes to claim the inheritance and to explore the castle. The game is perfect for those who like to solve riddles and to discover mysteries, because Clandestiny brings an interesting story and offers an enjoyable experience. The cinematics are cartoony and have the role to extend the plot, showing also the continuance of the solved puzzles. The graphics are nice, the music is mostly accoustic, and recreates genuinely the Scottish atmosphere. Clandestiny isn't really revolutionary, but is fun to play. You have the possibility to set the difficulty level of the game, by choosing between Brave, Nervous or Cowardly (the order is from the most difficult to the easiest one). For those already used to solving various game puzzles, the riddles in Clandestiny will seem quite easy. However, they imply the following: board games, moving books, uniting letters, chess, etc. The changing of the cursor's shape will let you know if there is something new to discover, especially when you have to access rooms. Anyway, I faced some bugs, and one of them was the cursor, because the accesibility of some items or locations was sometimes denied by it. Even so, Clandestiny deserves to be played.

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