Renegade: The Battle for Jacob's Star

Simulation 1995 Windows Midnight Software Flight Futuristic

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Sci Fi pulp RPG with good and aggravating bits

Renegade: The Battle for Jacob's Star takes the cues of the renegade Legion Interceptor RPG series and then creates an interesting at times, and aggravating at others role player. The problem is, as you'd imagine, inconsistency; some quests are really cool and engaging, while others are just plain awful. And, so, you get a game that has flight bits, such as those you'd find in X Wing and then slaps some other portions that are more classic RPG based. However, the problem, like I said, is that you never know what you will get, and, when a nasty, ugly portion is about to kick in you'll probably have already lost your patience with the game. Graphically it's an alright game, it certainly looks its age and is, maybe, on the lower side of quality assurance. But, well, if you can manage a game with depths of boredom for a few more polished quests, Renegade: The Battle for Jacob's Star will deliver. However, playing X Wing on its own will more than satisfy the urge for space flight gaming, and the story of Renegade: The Battle for Jacob's Star rarely feels like a bonus to the core of the game. So, yeah, quite a hard bargain this game... depends on how much you crave a space flight game with a more thorough (though not consistently good) plot.

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