Visual Star Trek

Simulation 1990 Dos Space combat

Go for this amazing simulation

The game is from the series based on the famous Star Trek movies that are still loved by millions all over the world. Those who have not even played a single part of the gaming series have nothing to worry because they have kept the plot distinct and easy to understand every time. This game has been really faithful to the legacy of this series because it has many prolific features. Staring with its very appealing graphics, they are very smooth and clear but are overrun by the features of the gameplay which are very good. There is a good variety of universes in the game and you can either choose a little one for simple action to a very vast one for launching a big campaign. The game also involves some very interesting characters. The battles to fight in the game are very exciting and you will have to explore a great variety of different zones which will give you something new for the gameplay. This Sci-fi simulation turns the table to an exciting venture you can have all day long. Apart from the dynamic gameplay, the game also has a very good UI and the music is also well tuned to my liking. Star Wars: X-Wing and this game are at the top of my list.

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