Renegade: Legion Interceptor

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox SSI Space combat War

Not repetitive and challenging

Renegade: Legion Interceptor is a 1990 war simulation game that will challenge you to involve in space combats. You will fight in both skirmish and campaign modes. You can choose to play on the side of The Terran Overlord Goverment or as the Commwealth Rebels. I remember playing this game when I was younger and I was very excited by the strategies you have to follow. In the beginning of the game, you will have limited cash, and you will choose 7 pilots and 7 ships. Before starting to blow your enemies in the air, you need to prepare all your ships, to set your position, skill and firepower. While involving in the combats you will have to take care of your maneuvers and approaches, that can be learned throughout the game. You will see what method of sabotage is the most effective. Each completed battle will give you new skills, which means more cash to buy new weapons. Your pilots will gain experience, as well. The building of your ship is customizable and this will be pretty cool. I totally think this game could have had another view and presentation, mostly because it's not so thrilling to see some ships merged in the same hex when fighting. Well, beside that, this game deserves your attention especially for its challenging missions, that prevent the repetitive aspect.

Decent storyline

As a member of an Outcast Renegade interceptor squadron, you find yourself quickly thrown into the heart of a conflict with the TOG Terran Overlord Government and soon commanding the Squadron. Good graphics and descent storyline keep it from falling into a bottom feeder of Space Opera's. Wingman selection, ship selection based on mission requirements will keep it a challenge. However use a pilots too much or don't repair a ship and you will soon lose your support. Each pilot has his/her postives and negatives and will consistently improve unless you overwork them. The flight engine is solid for that year and I still enjoy playing and listening the cool soundtrack. Highly recommened playing this title if your a Space Sim fan.

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