Volvo S40

Racing 1997 Windows Digital Illusions CE AB Car simulation Gran Turismo

A promotional game for the Volvo S40

This is actually not a real full game, just a promotional game that wants to show people what a cool and fast car the Volvo S40 really is. Basically, the whole game is a commercial! But nevertheless, the game, as much as it lasts, is pretty good and actually very fun. The game actually uses the same design and game engine as another great racing game called Motorhead, but features only the Volvo and two tracks that have been specifically designed for the car and it's usage. Your view is from the inside the car, so you can see its interior, wheel, and other car parts. You get to experience how to drive the car over various terrains, and the design of the tracks and surroundings are very realistic and detailed. I have to put my hat down for the developers who did a fantastic job in design as well sound. The game is short, but still pretty fun. It's not much, but is a decent promotional game and, who knows, maybe you will get yourself the car too?

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