Warlords 2 Deluxe

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New and improved, but still good

Warlords is a computer game series, in which role-playing elements are combined with turn-based strategy in a fantasy setting (very much like Heroes of Might and Magic), making a good but rare mix which has a faithful community even today. Warlords 2 Deluxe is the updated version of the second game in this series, preceded by Warlords. This game includes 5 more maps, a new feature called "Fog of war", meaning that enemy units can't see you or the part of the map where you are without having units near you. If features a hot seat play option, play by e-mail, and the very popular random map generator and map editor. The graphics are also very much improved, making the graphics in 256 color instead in the usual 16 color system. Thanks to the map generator, many new fan made maps became available over the Internet. Even with all these improvements, the game hasn't lost it's quality and appeal, still making this game series a gem among fantasy strategy games.

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