Action 2006 Windows Atari

On the rampage

If you've played the budget shooter Pariah and fancy another cut-price piece of action and adventure you might be tempted to take a look at this little-known offering. It's a pretty derivative take on the genre and while its low budget nature might have been forgivable back when it was released, it's really not aged well and now you'd have to be pretty desperate to take it for a spin. Although it's got a single-player mode, it's all very much focussed on multiplayer, but with a slight storyline involving three different alien races fighting for control of a resource-rich planet. In the single-player portion, you're presented with a sort of Risk-style minigame where you must choose which arena controlled by the enemy to attack, with the game then switching to standard FPS mode. If you win the battle, you take control of the arena, and winning on certain arenas will unlock a new weapon, while if you control all arenas, you'll be faced with a boss. There's a fairly typical array of sci-fi weapons to make use of, and you even have the ability to heal yourself and run at ridiculously fast speeds. Back in the day, Warpath might just about have been a decent offering in the genre, but now with far greater choice and much improved quality, this is a tough one to recommend. It's obviously a low-budget affair, with bargain basement graphics and a distinct lack of imagination in just about every other department. There were never many players to begin with so good luck finding anyone now, and instead, find yourself a better shooter.

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