Strategy 2000 Windows Virgin Interactive Real time Trade or management Science Fiction

The gaming engine is great

Here a RTS game which has a somewhat distinct plot but a very thrilling gameplay, WarTorn. The plot in the game is that the elites in the far future have now discovered the ancient war games where the wars had a sports like model. This model will now be implemented in the recent time where battles will take place in large cynical controlled arenas. The basic theme in the game is built and blast and you have to be strategic in your decision making to counter the enemies. The game has a very good economic system where there are parts which are interrelated and have a logical progression to them. The user interface in the game is very well designed and allows you to grip the gameplay quite easily and effectively. All the options are easy to exercise and the action takes place in real time. The graphics in the game are quite pleasing and they allow a detailed and thorough view of the action. There is also an editor and an attack planner. The behavior of the units that you control in the game can be tuned by using about 10 different commands. StarPeace is another good strategy game which has a lot of diversity in it.

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