World War III: Black Gold

Strategy 2001 Windows JoWood Productions Real time Science Fiction Real time strategy

Oil is the key

There is something appealing to game developers in portraying our close future. In most cases it is a war devastated, disease riddled swamp of mutants and whatnot creatures. If we are lucky. If not, we get zombies, aliens that like to chew on us or some other monstrosity. I am fine with that concept, because it has given me countless hours of entertaining gameplay through the years. World War III: Black Gold is no different in that, or any other aspect for that matter. You have your Americans (NATO), Commies (Russia) and Arabs(Iraq) fighting over oil. Imagine that (Earth 2150, Red Alert 2; more or less same story). It has been repeated about thousand times, but it works. So, we know the story, now lets get down to gameplay. You have tanks, armored vehicles, air craft and infantry more or less equivalent to today's armies in regard to equipment. There are three campaigns, one for each nation, but you cannot choose which one to play, rather jump from one to the other as you progress. Game is quite long so prepare for long campaigns and lots of saving. Graphics are very nice, and one of better aspects of this game, as is the music. The only real problem is the feeling of "i've seen it all before" you get when you play. And i have seen it before, a hundred times.

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