Waterslide Island

Sport 2001 Windows Jeff Boller Summer sports

Good old-fashioned watery fun

For a neat spin on the racing genre, this offbeat and silly little game is well worth checking out, especially if you remember the joys of Toobin'. It's not exactly complex or full of replay value, but while it lasts it provides a good time, especially for younger gamers. Players get to race down a series of crazy waterslides that are filled with dangerous curves and thrilling jumps, collecting bonuses to rack up their score and trying to knock out their rivals as they go. To add to the fun, players controls not humans but animal racers which are seriously cute and which add even more to the game's appeal, with pandas, pigs and penguins to choose from amongst others. Although there are only ten slides included initially, a rather clever level designer is included, allowing you to create your own masterpieces of water-based action and which increases the game's interest substantially. There's little to the game beyond the fairly simple racing thrills, but it is undeniably fun while it lasts, bringing back memories of mis-spent youth in real-world waterparks. The controls are simple enough to pick, while the visuals are suitably bright and cheery, with nice big, colourful sprites that are packed with personality, while the levels themselves are actually quite inventive. There is a decent sense of speed, obviously nothing like F1, but appropriate for the style of game and audience, and the sense of humour on display here is a constant reminder that Waterslide Island is simply a good old-fashioned slice of fun.

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