Wild Earth

Simulation Nature simulation

Safari type experience with edutainment values

Wild Earth could have easily been created to be a shooter, or, rather, a realistic hunting game, but instead the developers ket things simpler, and packaged it as a safari kind of experience. Indeed, gameplay wise there isn't a lot to do in this game, as you simply have to walk around the African savannah, through Rocky Mountains and through a few other habitats and just admire the view. But, for its intent and purposes the game works just fine, tasking you with the sniping of pictures of the wildlife, and of the plant life. Some stages are set on foot, while others are played on rails, from within a vehicle, which is very nice, very Zen. Thus, at the start of each mission you get tasked with snapping pictures of a number of objectives, and once you're done, you can move on to another level. This simplicity and this way of tasking you makes the game very easy to play, in terms of pacing, and therefore, you are rarely going to feel burdened by it. Instead, if you're in for relaxation, it is the best kind of thing you can play, unless you are more interested in virtual creatures and habitats, case in which the Creatures series might be more to your liking.

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