Empire of the Ants

Simulation 2000 Windows Microids Organized Forces Nature simulation Indie Strategy Casual

A fascinating universe

If you have always wondered how it's like to be an ant, play this ant life simulation game, that focuses on these little diligent human beings! Empire of the Ants proves the fact that the world of videogames is always full of new themes and presentation subjects, even if they are kind of weird and unusual. And this is, indeed, a positive fact. The action takes place, as I said, in the world of insects, more precisely, in the world of ants. You will command a colony of ants, in your way to conquer certain and various territories. I have to admit that the general idea of this game enchanted me with its originality. You will see that the war for survival is pretty difficult, even in the world of these tiny creatures. But, this world is at the same time very attractive, admirable and wonderful! Being a commander of a colony of ants requires you to achieve and gather resources, to build units and other structures, to train your army, and to involve in campaigns. Your efforts will be simplified by the intelligence possessed by each of your tribe member. The personal development is enabled, so the renewal of your weaponry. The most dangerous threats are the bees and the black ants (your species is called red ants). As I was living this great adventure, I felt like I was watching a Discovery Channel documentary, and you will surely agree with me if you play it! The sounds are like detached directly form the nature, and the graphics are extraordinary. In conclusion, many acclaims for the fascinating universe created by the developers!

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