Arcade 2000 Windows UBI Soft Futuristic Military Action based

Go out of control in an alien world!

Infestation is a 2000 futuristic racing game published by Ubisoft, where you drive an experimental vehicle that can be upgraded. You are located in a fantastic universe, where numerous and various robots exist. And they aren't some non-violent machines at all! Your primary mission is simple: you have to kill every threat that appears in your way. I have to say that this game's title will cause headaches, and very easily. But I don't say this because Infestation is a bad or mediocre game. On the contrary! The visuals and landscape design are very pleasant and well-done, especially the skies. I reffer to the gameplay's complexity that can get annoying sometimes. You have to think deeply in your progress, but this intellectual effort will be worth the fun you will experience. Your basic tasks involve leading a counter-attack, making your way safely in the alien worlds, destroying the enemies facilities, saving prisoners, and creating hazardous actions in your way. In the last objective stays, of course, the real excitement. You will encounter scientists that can help in you in destroying alien facilities, and also, in building power-ups in your factories. The building process requires some resources like colorful crystals that can be discovered on the ground. Play this game to go out of control in the alien world, while having a great time in managing your resources, factories, and performing many more actions!

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