Puzzle 1992 Dos Cintic Systems Tetris variant Casual

Tetris 4 2! (Tetris for two!)

Teamtris is a classic Tetris game except for the fact that it can be played by 2 people at the same time, cooperatively. The shaft in which the pieces fall from the sky is double in langth, and there are two tetromino dispensers; each player controls one of the two falling tetrominoes. One controls the left hand side pieces, the other controls the ones that fall on the right side. However, the floor is not partitioned in 2, so you can place tetrominoes wherever you want to. In fact, for best results, it is best to collaborate with your other co-player, so as to insure that the best possible results are met. Not playing coop for real, can result in an escalating amount of holes and no full lines, and that, as in any Tetris game can only spell disaster! At any rate, it's a great game, as mashing together two people, two distinct personalities can be quite interesting; seeing how they behave and collaborate can be quite fun. So, overall, Teamtris is a cool, very simple graphically Tetris, definitely worth having in your collection to play with your SO or with friends (or with the PC, that is available as well).

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