Puzzle 1991 Dos Ken Silverman Tetris variant Casual

Playable and classic, if very colorful Tetris clone

Kentris is a straightforward Tetris clone, with the only original idea being that the game is very colorful, with lots of magentas, pinks, bright yellows and so on. You can choose a color for the background, from the same very colorful palette. Thus, it's an energizing game from all points of view, and very satisfying in terms of the controls and overall playability. The rules of classic Tetris are still there; pieces fall from above and until they've reached their final destination, you can rotate them, you can move them about and even accelerate them down, when you're done arranging them. Also, with Kentris you can play alone or against another human or AI player; the multiplayer game is won by the player that lasts the longest without forming a no longer destroyable wall of bricks. So, play it, if you have a sweet tooth for colorful graphics, and for a very joyous build of the game. Colors are going to make your day better, so choose this game to really see how color therapy can put you in a better mood!

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