Puzzle 1990 Dos Brad P. Taylor Tetris variant Casual

A rip off too far

Don't get this confused with the similarly titled Fallout franchise, a superb series of post apocalyptic roleplaying games as if you do, you will likely end up very disappointed. Instead of being a grim and gritty excursion into a dark future full of roaming mutants (which, let's face it, sounds awesome), this is instead another in a long line of Tetris and Columns-style clones. Sadly, this one doesn't really add anything new to the well established formula and is very much by the numbers stuff. This one does away with the various shaped blocks of Tetris and replaces them with lines of three coloured blocks. These fall from the top of the screen and must be arranged so that they form lines of three or more of the same colour block. Once this is achieved, they disappear, causing any blocks above to drop down a level and racking up some points in the process. In the game's single concession to originality, bombs occasionally make an appearance and which can be used to take out a few surrounding blocks, just to help you out a bit. That really is about it in terms of gameplay and you can't help but wonder if anyone ever sent the creator the ten dollars that he asked for. There is absolutely nothing original on display here and the game can simply be counted as another in a long line of cheap rip offs which the need for their very existence must be questioned. The graphics are exactly the same as every other clone in this genre and the single addition of the bomb just shows how desperately short of inspiration the developer was. Seriously, steer clear of this.

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