Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo

Puzzle 1997 Windows Capcom Tetris variant Challenges Casual

It's Capcom plus puzzling!

If you're a fan of Capcom games or just like puzzlers such as Tetris or Bust a Move, then this has to be the prefect game for you. It's similar to these aforementioned titles but throws in a heap of Capcom characters to add in even more personality and thrills. The main game is a two player, head to head version of Columns where you have to make matching lines from falling sets of colored gems. However, here things are a little more complicated. Instead of just making lines, you also have to smash them by placing a crash gem next to your completed sets, which delivers a killing blow to your enemy. There are also other combos to make, such as power gems, and breaking power gems in a chain is the ultimate move to master for experts. There are a handful of modes to try out too, like taking on a series of opponents, Street fighter 2 style and a two up mode which is perhaps the best way to play. There's not much else to the game really, but as far as these things go, this has to be one of the best. The basic gameplay is finely tuned and never less than addictive, whether you're playing against a human player or the computer. Matches get pretty hectic which only adds to the fun, especially in two up mode, and this ranks as one of the finest two player games around. The visuals are wonderfully bright and vibrant, with some cracking representations of classic Capcom characters, although some of them might not be familiar to the casual player. However, this doesn't stop the game from being a top class bit of fun that deserves to be played.

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