Games: Winter edition

Sport 1988 Dos Dosbox Epyx Winter sports

The winter version of Summer games!

Another alright bundle of minigames, all somewhere in the arcade meets puzzles type of mindset, alright graphically and control wise, but nothing too special. That's what Games: Winter edition is! The same company that brought us The Games: Summer Edition is behind this other bundle here, so that's what it is about, it's another not too original game, not too polished, not too diverse, but diverse enough for a minigames bundle. You get skiing, you get, ski jumping, and a few others as well, but these two control and feel the best, while the rest are just forgettable. One good thing of the bundle though is that all minigames control via the same keys, even if, of course, these buttons will control different things, depending on the game. So, yeah, it didn't dethrone California Games, at least not for me, but for a winter themed bundle I guess it's gonna be alright. Try it, if you don't look to find some overly well done games in there, though the ones included are pretty rad, as they are.

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