World at War series

Strategy 1994 Dos Avalon Hill World Wars

WWII themed strategy

World at War series is a set of missions based on the tactical engine developed previously for World at War, a sturdy, simple but elaborate turn based wargaming strategy engine fondly remembered by old school strategists. Therefore, the basis of this game is a strong and very well polished one, and the missions too, which tend towards the stalemate situations of the WWII are mostly to be encountered. Therefore, the players most likely to find this game interesting will be the ones that have an interest in WWII history, alternate history and at trying their luck within hard, limiting tactical, political and economic scenarios. Indeed, this game makes it much more enticing for players that love alternate histories to sink into this game, and this is so because the scenarios that are presented are very well captured. Graphically, the game is good, not too out of the ordinary for 94, but there are no out of place visuals or any other botched elements. I reckon, a player of wargames will find his groove within this game very fast, and thus be able to get a lot in, without any issues.

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