World Cup USA '94

Sport 1993 Dos U.S. Gold Soccer World competition

Playable but unremarkable soccer game

Well, given that the USA is not the biggest consumer of soccer out there, it comes as no surprise that the soccer games dedicated to their internal championships are not some of the best out there. The problem becomes visible from the very get go, as the game sports a rather shoddy look, with its top down view being perfectly square, with no angles to speak of. This is rather functional, but it seems too dated, especially for a 93 released game. At any rate, the simulation itself is poor, lazy, with all the teams behaving (and looking) almost exactly the same. Furthermore, the animations themselves are much too poor, with players barely visible and with poor control of the field situations. You never know if you are too close or too far from an opponent, as the snap to the ball animation is by no means conducive to any worthwhile results. So, as it is, the game simply isn't worth the time, it is simply too monotonous and too simple to provide any surprises, other than the ones that are not conducive to a good experience. Any FIFA game, and especially a game from the same season, Say, FIFA 96 would make a better contender to this one.

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