World of Outlaws: Sprint Car Racing 2002

Racing 2002 Windows Infogrames Car simulation Unconventional

Modern racing simulation

The game is a racing car simulation where you will be racing in the outlaws against a tough chunk of racers. The tracks in the game are very much unique in the sense that they have their distinct racing dynamics in the form of curves and turns that invite a very challenging experience. The game involves single races, a carrier mode and a championship mode as well. In the single race mode you will be racing as one of the 24 racers and will go on different venues for the action. The game physics is perfect for a racing game and the cars are very speedy as they clock up to 170 mph. The level deigns in the game are non-repetitive and the elements that it involves are close to realism of the racing world. The controls for the cars can be easily managed via both the joystick and the keyboard and the interface has a very simple control and design to let you play the game. The graphics are average but good enough to bear because the gameplay action is very addictive. Beginners will love it and veterans will also enjoy it. Test Drive 6 should be the one to try after you have thoroughly enjoyed this one.

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