World Tour Golf

Sport 1985 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Golf

8bit era action golf, very well designed

World Tour Golf is a really enjoyable 8bit tinged action golf game, well programmed and well designed, and so, your reaction to it will be mostly a question of what you feel about the oldschool type of simulations. The game looks its age, having been released in 85, but even so it is playable. All the controls are mapped out on the keyboard, but the design makes it easy for you to learn how to control the game, and get right into it. Each level consists of a bird's eye view of the map and a pseudo 3D view that allows you to fine tune your current shot. The precision of each shot is a question of knee jerk reaction time, plus taking time to evaluate the shot conditions, the type of ground the ball is placed on, the wind direction. You have to match a sliding indicator with your pressing the shoot button, which takes some practice, but also makes the game a little arcadeier and puts both your skill and your attention to good use. So, while the game is similar to PGA Tour Golf, it might be a little less diverse, but nevertheless it is well put tighter. Worth a try for oldschool golf players.

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