Project Earth: Starmageddon

Strategy 2002 Windows DreamCatcher Interactive Real time Science Fiction Action Adventure Indie Casual

Average spacefaring adventure

Project Earth boasts a suitably detailed sci-fi narrative and background and marries it to real-time strategy in the hope of creating an epic slice of space-faring adventure. Unfortunately, while the game must be applauded for its ambition, it doesn't quite succeed and ends up being an average entry in the sci-fi strategy genre. The backstory details how humanity has blasted out into the stars in search of a new planet to colonise but have encountered a hostile race of aliens intent of sending them crashing back down to where they belong. It's your job to take control of a Sundiver, a vast, mind-controlled spacecraft, and build up your armies to defend the fleet from your attackers, as they head towards their new home. If you've played Homeworld, you'll have a good idea of what to expect from Project Earth and the game offers a familiar mix of space-based action and strategy. It is however, somewhat faster paced and more streamlined than its cousin and while this makes it more appealing to those looking for a quick fix, for the more hardcore strategy fans out there, it's likely to prove less interesting. It's certainly impressively presented, with some well designed ships and good production values but it's the lack of depth, in its controls and command system as well as its options for strategy, that soon becomes apparent and which lets the game down considerably. It also gets bogged down in some overly long story sequences which are troubled by some sub-par scripting and voice acting. Despite these faults, Project Earth is playable enough but the problem is that there are far better similar games out there and gamers are better off with Homeworld 2 or Haegemonia.

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