RPG 1986 Dos Dosbox UBI Soft Organized Forces

Graphically unique adventure with zombies

When I say that this game's graphics are unique, I don't really mean it in the best of ways. You see, the game is slide based, as are many adventure games that will come to be developed after this one. However, the way these slides are produced and linked to one another will kind of give you pause. You can slide in all directions, left, right, down, upwards, and you'll get a slide in that appropriate direction, but it gets quite boring after a while. However, you got to understand that this is a full color animated adventure game produced in 86, back when text based adventuring was still king and few people really could try more diverse graphics on the Amiga computers. So, you have to be patient with this game, patience which, I must admit I didn't really have, so I didn't really go too far within the game. But, from the little I've played I collect that the main story is that of overcoming a zombie infestation, something you endeavor to do with the aid of a team of specialists, each in a different field. Anyway, if you're a patient man, give this a go, I was more content to experience zombies in a shooter environment, and fired up my never off the hard drive copy of DOOM! I guess I am more of a classics type of guy, I, at least when it comes to zombies!

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