Zool 2

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Gremlin Interactive Cartoon Platformer

15 levels of sidescrolling mayhem, with Krool and MB!

Fast sidescrolling action, a pair of antihero protagonists that don't mind getting into a bit of trouble and loads of explosions, high jumps and destruction is what this game offers. It's a platformer, it's an adventure game, it's a fast paced trinket collection game, it's an action shooting game and more! It does a great job of creating a sufficiently beautiful world within the game, diverse and really intense, and, when the going gets tough, the game offers you aids such as the invulnerability ability, smart bombs and more. Each level also tasks you with collection a number of trinkets, and only after you've met the prerequisite number can you get to the exit and to the next level. But it never gets old, as levels are diverse and the graphics, pretty sweet. Initially the game was released for the Jaguar Console, so that kind of spiky, not too beautiful, kind of edgy design is home here too. Compared to Sonic, I'd say this one is a more thoroughly well designed game, but it certainly pays its homage to the speedy hedgehog. So, if you like this type of platformer action mix, Zool 2 will definitely give you a handful. Plus, if you download Zool the first, you'll get a dynamic duo of games, that can stand their ground against Sonic any day!

A Chupa Chup candy game

Zool 2 has very similar gameplay to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. I also believe this was the game designer's Gremlins response, to give Amiga an edge to it's competitors Sega Sonic the Hedgehog and Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. The game was sponsored by the candy company Chupa-Chups and serves as one big advertisement for the brand, most famous for it's lollypops. There is no subtlety with the advertisements, like with 7-Up's Cool Spot game. Often throughout the game you are simply collecting Chupa-Chup logo's as bonuses which really is not original, especially considering the whole game revolves around candy (of coarse). Zool 2 ended up being ported to many different consoles including MS-DOS and Windows 95. All this aside the game is actually well made, with gameplay, music and levels appealing to all ages. Unfortunately after playing for a while, the game levels and enemies can become quite repetitive without that much variation. You can play as Zool or Zool's female sidekick (girlfriend?) Zooz, which both have very slight different abilities. Not that bad of a game, however it does feel like you are playing a cheesy advertisement and it does get boring pretty quickly. However it is a slight step up from it's predecessor game Zool.

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