Popeye 2

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Syndicate Inc Cartoon Platformer Puzzle based

Rather broken platformer with stiff animations, but playable

Popeye 2 feels like an updated, more modern and more diverse take on the arcade classic Donkey Kong. A lot of the action is happening in a construction site like maze of 2D elevations, or other backdrops that while graphically different have the same type of enemies and challenges. Instead of saving a random princess, you're in to save Olive, but with every level, you manage to miss her just slightly. You'll be evading lots of barrels, lots of blow torches, patterned falling potted plants and the like, and you have to be able to predict each trajectory, so you can avoid being hit. But, as you progress, you quickly realize that the game doesn't offer that much more either. It's a shame because, the avatar is a beloved cartoon character and the game, while not the most polished, is not bad either. So, make your choice, it's either the older arcaders with clear cut options or this modern version, that while ok, it's just not remarkable enough to survive closer scrutiny. But, in the end, what it all comes down to, is just you as a player, how hard or easy you are on these lesser platformers that at least do try something a bit new.

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