We're Back: A Dinosaur Story

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Visual Concepts Cartoon Platformer Dinosaurs

Dinosaur based platforming, colorful and cheerful

I'm all for dinosaurs as protagonists in my games, and I had my fair share of them in strategies, as fodder in the Jurassic Park strategies that have been spawned. But, one thing that I didn't know I was missing was smart dinosaurs! Smart dinosaurs? Well, yeah, it is possible, only that it involves a bit of time traveling and a mad scientist type to make it all happen, and this platformer does just that. It seems that the game is based on the movies called Dinosaur, of which I was not aware, but at any rate, it didn't matter much, as the gameplay is purely delightful. The dinosaur protagonist is an affable one, always with a smile on his face, a lover of nature and also a good jumper. And that is pretty much the recipe here: you will guide your large dinosaur through the diverse scenarios, always looking to end your trip to the desired checkpoint. There will be enemies, but, again, they're not scary, they share the same cartoonish sweetness as your dinosaur. And also, that 8bit graphical style is just sweet. If you love it, you might also want to try Lion King, a game that is just a bit more diverse than this one here, And yeah, Were Back: A Dinosaur Story it's more for kids, but whatever, dinosaurs are for all ages, hehe!

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