Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Merit Studios Cartoon Platformer

Not good enough to keep you playing

Frankenstein is unfortunately a pretty lame 2D platformer game that has everything that every other platform game has.. And that's basically it. You get a lot of jumping and running around, destroying the enemies, and the only thing that might appeal to the players is to play the game as the world's number one monster. The cartoonish graphics and cool design of the game look pretty cool at first glance, as well as the nice enough audio, the levels might seem pretty okay, but after a few levels it all gets pretty repetitive and boring. The monsters are not as plentiful as it would be desired, and in the end you are left with a feeling of dissatisfaction and boredom. It could have been a lot better, had they only inserted a bit more enemies and variety. Too bad, since the game had a lot of potential that unfortunately wasn't properly used. If you want a really good platform game, try Captain Claw, one of my favorites.

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