Passengers on the Wind

Adventure 1986 Dos Infogrames Cartoon Multimedia novel

First of a romance delivered multimedia novel style

Storywise this is a romance novel, the kind that many of us have been told to avoid at all cost, due to sappy material, ideas about love that are unreal and many other such things. However, the great thing about this game is the way the interactivity is produced. You see, while it could have just been crafted after the Japanese build, with interactivity sparsely put in there, only as additional dialogue choices, this one game makes more effort to offer you a more inviting repertoire of digital amusements, means of control and puzzles. For instance there are slider interactivity portions, there are the picking and choosing of dialogues, of course, but also other puzzles, that would not seem out of place in a more traditional adventure game. But in here, they sure feel alien, but in a good way, as they increase your rapport with the game. Anyway, this is just the first part of the series, the second Passengers game is adding to the story and completing it. And thus, Passengers on the Wind surely creates such a beautiful, always novel, and always exciting production, always intense and always ready to offer you more than you'd think. Play this series!

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