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Alien Nations (pc game)
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A game that defines very well the RTS genre

Alien Nations is a 1999 futuristic real-time strategy game that will remind you of another popular RTS. The similarities are represented by the options related to the constructions. There are three campaigns, each consisting of 10 missions whose stories are told from the three races points of view: the Pimmons, the wild Amazons, or the insectoid Sajiki. Your main target is to construct various buildings, looking for the most suitable location to place them. For a great progress and situation, you have to manage aspects regarding your settlement's security, costs, production or entertainment. And because Alien Nations is an RTS, there will be wars as well. So, beside the previous aspects you have to take care of, you have prepare thoroughly for the attacks, by building enough fighters to win these battles against the other two races. This is because you will play one race from those mentioned in the beginning. I will definitely call this title one of the games that define the RTS genre, and this fact will surely bring Alien Nations in the center of your attention. And if you are tired or bored of the singleplayer mode, you can always rely on the more fun action you can experience choosing the multiplayer!