Colony Wars 2492

Strategy 1996 Dos Dosbox Black Legend Real time Isometric Science Fiction

Standard sci-fi strategy

Fans of real time strategy games like Command and Conquer might be tempted to check out this offering which on the surface seems to offer the same kind of thrills as this aforementioned classic. However, to do so would probably be a mistake as what's on offer here is a far cry from the heights of the genre. In typical science fiction fashion, the player takes control of a human general who must do battle with a bunch of crazed robots on the surface of an alien planet. You have a wide range of robotic units to play around with, each of which can be built individually out of a set of 27 parts which are divided across three categories, these being weapon, vehicle and special. This element is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game and it brings a nice sense of customisation to proceedings. However, in almost every other respect, this is pretty much business as usual. There's the usual mix of resource gathering and real time combat but there's no base management as you are simply required to conquer the already existing facilities in order to make use of them. The various missions take place across one of four terrain types which bring a slight element of variety to proceedings but which don;t really affect gameplay much, instead being largely cosmetic. There's nothing particularly wrong with Colony Wars, but there isn't really anything which shines about it either and instead it simply pods along in overly familiar fashion. The graphics are nothing to write home about but the gameplay is fun enough if you can forgive its lack of originality. Colony Wars is a long way from being in the same league as Dune or Starcraft but if you're in an easy going mood and are a fan of the genre, give it a whirl.

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