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Amado (pc game)
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  • Amado pc game
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Learn to draw shapes and to color!

In Amado you get two main gameplay portions; in one of them you have to carefully draw the perimeter of a drawing; just the outlines. When you're done with this stage, it's time to set out to color the picture you've just drawn. The computer assesses the execution of your drawing, and, if you've done a good enough job, it will task you to complete a new drawing. It's a cool, relaxing game, and the difficulty is given by the preciseness with which you complete your drawing. Getting the picture exactly as it should takes a while, but in the end it creates a cool, engaging experience. So, if you feel like drawing, but very a lot of help, Amado will definitely offer you a good background to get that done that within. Also, what Amado does great is use simple tools, easy to control that definitely give you a good, guided experience. So, overall, Amado is definitely a cool, very entertaining, very enticing game, that will most certainly offer you a fun experience. So, all in all, do consider this game; it will definitely give you a satisfying experience. It sure is worth looking into! Else, download 7 Colors, a colors based wargame!