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AV8B Harrier Assault (pc game)
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A treat for harrier fan lovers

It is a flight simulation game which is based on a very famous and good gaming engine which has been used with other simulations. The gameplay that this game features is quite similar to KA-50 Hokum but has a historical plot related to a restless colony of Indonesia which after being left by the Portuguese wanted its separate land from the Indonesian government. In terms of the planes, you have some harriers which you will use in the game and also have a map planner or a mission planer. In your missions you will be flying against the fighter planes of the Indonesian government. This simulation will portray the AV-8B harrier and has been defined well enough in line with the limitation in the technology that was present at the time of its release. You need to run the game in full DOS mode. The graphics in the game are well beyond its time and they give a lot of detail in terms of the backgrounds, the clear skies and the target enemies. The controls in the game are very good and somewhat realistic and you need to master them to perform the mission successfully. So just give it a try and I am sure that you will love this one.