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Charlie the Duck (pc game)
3.86 out of 5 (7 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Second stage
  • Getting some bonuses
  • Don't jump over that one
  • You can swim
  • Classic jump style
  • Breakpoint hit
  • Discover what's behind the boxes
  • Starting first stage
  • Wiering software
  • Courtesy of Dos Games Archive.
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A fun and endearing side scrolling game

Charlie the Duck is a very fun side scrolling game that is very reminiscent to the Super Mario Bros game in terms of both graphics and gameplay, although the game is very appealing and fun on its very own. As in the fabled classic game, you control the cute duck (that looks a lot like the ducks kids have in the bathtub) and go through the level by stomping on enemies to make them disappear and bumping into blocks to reveal coins, diamonds and other nifty surprises. Much like in the game Rayman, each level provides a different beautiful environment, which is pretty nice to look at. The nice and simple gameplay will attract even the youngest of players, while the grown ups will also like the game's simplicity. The duck is very cute and charming, and soon you will fall in love with it. The game features very nice cartoon like graphics and smooth and fast animation. If you like classic side scrolling games, this is one that you should totally check out. Like, totally.