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Ignition (fun tracks) (pc game)
4.59 out of 5 (203 votes)
  • Game introduction
  • Menu: choose your car
  • First race... suddenly it will get dark
  • Turbo activated!
  • You can reach second position
  • Second stage, finally first
  • Total score after two races
  • Third race, in the jungle
  • Forth race just started
  • Not the wrong way!
  • You should outrun that bus there!
  • And turbo on the snow!!
  • Main menu
  • Watch out for that column!
  • Don't fall down!
  • Taking a right turn
  • Going downhill left
  • Ummm...who played with the physics again>
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
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Racer for bro friends!

Here's my take on the niche that this game is actually serving: those students in campuses or the kind of students that rent apartments and maybe don't have the most advanced PCs out there but still want a game that can be played cooperatively or in single player, a racer that is fun but doesn't require a world of tech, and, also, can be very friendly with beginners. Ignition gets all these things right because it is top down, so you feel like you're controlling an RC car, which is great, and it is produced to be playable immediately, feeling arcade exactly where it needs to be arcade. So, what you'll get is a load of mini vehicles to choose from plus loads of diverse tracks. Choose wisely, some of the vehices are best for speed, others might be slower but pack a better punch when they collide with other vehicles. So, ignition is a great racer, a top down game that can be played by newbies and by advanced players alike. It's got that Micro Machines vibe going for it, but in 3D and in environments that are just more satisfying to be stuck inside of. Yap, if you're looking for an unpretentious Sunday racer game, for an old laptop, this might be it. Try it!

Smash, drive and get to the finish line

Brought to us by Virgin Interactive, here we have a great funny and interesting little racing game. Much like Wacky Wheels and Big Red Racing, the objective of the game is to get to the finish line and do whatever it takes to make that happen - even if that means pushing other cars from a 200ft cliff. You can bump, nudge, shove, and outright smash into other cars to incapacitate them for further racing. The car choices are hilarious and extend from normal cars to police cars to monster trucks to school buses. Yes, school buses. The tracks are fantastically designed and very challenging. You will have to jump over pitfalls and off waterfalls to get to the finish. It's the survival of the fittest, people! The game is visually outstanding with a rocking soundtrack and the only thing I mind is the top-down view of the game. If we take that out, we have ourselves the best, funniest, most exciting and agressive racing game I have ever seen.