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Jeff Gordon XS Racing (pc game)
5 out of 5 (1 votes)
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Let's all go to the future!

Jeff Gordon XS Racing might be lacking a few of the usual extras found in driving games, but for a neat alternative to other futuristic racers like WipeOut and Extreme G2, it's actually worth a look. It doesn't offer much that's new but it gets the basics right, with some cool sci-fi tracks and a decent sense of speed. There's no story really here to get in the way of the action, and instead the game simply charges you with speeding around a number of slick futuristic race courses. They all feature some neat touches like long wide corners and plenty of jumps, while your opponents all put up a pretty decent challenge. There's the usual array of cars to try out, each with their own unique handling characteristics, and you can switch between a cockpit view and one just above your car depending on your fancy. There aren't any weapons here which is a bit of a shame, while the game is also lacking a few options, such as different play modes, upgrades and a garage, which you might have expected to see. These omissions are a little disappointing, as they do mean that the game doesn't quite live up to its full potential, as it could have been a serious contender if they had been included. However, if you can get past this and simply look at the game as an out and out arcade racer which aims to provide plenty of sci-fi racing thrills, it is pretty successful. There's a good range of tracks and cars to try out, and the feeling of speed is well done, making it an exciting experience for the most part. Throw in some nice visuals and you have a solid futuristic racer.