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King Arthur's K.O.R.T (knights of the round table) (pc game)
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  • Beware!
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  • King Arthur's K.O.R.T pc game
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  • Lancelot
  • Merlin recognizes
  • The enemy is very strong
  • Scout
  • The castel is captured
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Strategy at heart but with loads of extras

King Arthur's K.O.R.T is a strategy game, set in the medieval Britain time frame; it's a pretty decent game, though, even if it kind of losses its focus in too many directions; for instance, it has a jousting minigames included, so that you can go on and challenge your knights. Then, there is a version of the game that has a very difficult to beat AI, but this deluxe version is pretty broken, as some of the changes must have been done with great speed and without quality control checks. Also, the realism portion of the game quickly fades when you find that the game comes with a built in magic system. This portion of the game kind of unbalances the game, not in a good way, and, even if you get used to the fantasy undertones, the fact that it breaks the game is not as cool. Plus, the game requires you to read a 25 pages (!) manual; and you'll find out that you actually need it; the controls are convoluted and not too well designed. So, unfortunately, King Arthur's K.O.R.T. is a game for the most hardcore retro gamers, as it takes a while to learn how to play. Rather download Colonization if you want a more playable game, with more immediate controls.