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KO: Ultra-realistic Boxing (pc game)
4.56 out of 5 (9 votes)
  • Game box art
  • McLeoud vs Domingues
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Bad boxing game

The game is about boxing where the theme though a very action based one has not been incorporated well as per my liking and per the liking of many gamers out there. So basically it all about boxing in the ring with other boxers but you would love to do action which has all the dynamics needed for a good addictive action. The first flaw in the game is that the graphics lack in terms of both details and designs as the background images are not detailed and the animations supporting the movements of the players are pretty obscure. That was something which would have been tolerated by the gamers if the action in it had been great but it was a disappointment as the action is pretty limited and you cannot do even half of the moves that a boxer can perform in the ring. Throwing jabs and punches is quite delayed and this makes the action look worse as flow is everything in an action or fighting game. Similarly the controls in the game are also a total disappointment because you have to do some odd combation of buttons to execute jabs and punches and they are not swift at all. A far better and exciting option would be to go for Karate Fighter.