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Lightspeed (pc game)
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  • Intro sequence
  • Intro sequence
  • Title screen
  • In the docking bay
  • Venturing forth
  • Options screen
  • Cockpit view
  • Checking out the ship's equipment
  • Space is really empty
  • Ooh, a ship!
  • Opening hailing frequencies
  • He's getting away!
  • Is that a planet?
  • I have detected something
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Image extracted from youtube video.
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Space shooter with adventure elements

Lightspeed offers a cool but unoriginal blend of space shooting in a 3D environment, helped by the use of a globular map which will help you navigate towards your targets and a few other elements that diversify this core experience. The adventure elements are brought through along with a narrative, set to make the game more interesting to play. Also, you'll get some tactical elements to play with, which have to do with the way you set up your ship or how you manage your encounters. But, for its time, the game brings forth fluid animations, better than what the others could manage; it also brings forth an array of different ships that actually influence your play style as well as very well drawn interfaces. So, if you want an Elite like with a lesser economic base but with better graphics and more engaging combat, Lightspeed is sure to offer it in a package that feels just right, not too arcade, not too caught up in detailed simulations. If on the other side you're in for a game that takes economic simulation even further, this won't be the one to quench that itch – though, again, the great fighting might change your mind and put you up for a very engaging play session.