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Might and Magic 9 (pc game)
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The end of a dynasty with a great potential

Might and Magic 9 is a 2002 fantasy real-time strategy game, that puts an end to the strong and memorable series. The story presents the world of Axeoth in danger, being threatened by an invasion of the Beldonian Horde. The action takes place in a whole new world, that follows the wreckage of the planet Enroth, which represented the setting for the three previous games. Unlike its predecessors, Might and Magic 9 uses a 3D engine, and unlike its direct prequel, the player can choose from four races: human, elf, dwarf, and half-orc. The classes are named Fighter or Initiate. This 2002 RPG rises according to the expectations from man y points of view, with a few exceptions,of course. I have never imagined how captivated I will be by engaging in the universe of Might and Magic, and my wait for the next games was always worth it. I can also tell the same about this final game. Giving the fact that the series haven't succeeded with the graphical aspect (there were a lot of imaging and perspective bugs, errors and distortions), the developers did a great job with this one. Everything in Might and Magic 9 is captivating and appealing: the universe, the action, the story, the gameplay! Go ahead and discover them!