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Plexu (plexu: the time travellers) (pc game)
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Worst platformer ever?

Fans of platformers like Mario or Jazz Jackrabbit might be tempted to check out Plexu, as on the surface at least it seems to offer the same kind of running and jumping thrills. However, to do so would perhaps be one of the biggest mistakes of your gaming career as on closer inspection, Plexu turns out to be a complete and utter disaster from start to finish. The fact that the company which produced it were only able to turn out one game before going out of business doesn't exactly set the game up well and when you actually play it, you'll understand why New Line are no longer around. There's probably some kind of story behind the game but it's pretty much non-existent and probably had about as much thought put into it as the rest of the game. When you fire it up, you're greeted with perhaps the worst platformer in existence, which gets pretty much everything wrong right from the start to the finish. The visuals are ugly, completely lacking in charm or personality, while the levels themselves seem to have been thrown together in about five minutes, with little thought as to how to make them interesting or playable. Worse still are the controls, which are sluggish and unresponsive and which makes it feel as if you are guiding your character through a vat of molasses. The interface too is just clunky, making navigating menus and suchlike a chore and, not surprisingly, the sound is just as awful as the graphics, with repetitive effects that will have you reaching for the volume in about six seconds. Really, unless you enjoy truly terrible games, do not play Plexu.