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Street Fighter Alpha 2 (pc game)
4.46 out of 5 (13 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Introduction sequence: Chun Li
  • Player selection: Sakura?
  • Chun Li attacking Guy
  • Dhalsim spitting fire
  • Dhalsim down
  • Chun Li vs Sodom
  • Using kicks
  • Famous kick attack by Chun Li
  • Sakura down
  • Charlie seems a cousin of Guile...
  • Punching
  • Continue?
  • Chun Li doing a 2 hit combo
  • Ryu vs Rose fight
  • Doing a flying kick to the head
  • Upper cut to the jaw
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Good Street Fighter game for the DOS platform

The game features the classical host of Street Fighter characters, borrowing most of the cast from Street Fighter 2 and a few characters from a few other games. The mechanics are very well polished. While you will have a definitive advantage playing the game on a controller, the keyboard interactivity is not half bad either. The game features better animations than older arcade Street Fighter titles, which can be a letdown. What I mean is that the animations are far less jagged, they have more frames per complete cycle, which, while in theory should look better, it somehow fails to capture the style of the originals. At any rate, the game is very decent, it is engaging just that it might feel a little slower than older arcade games in the franchise. You will however spend lots of hours with this one if you loved the arcade games and you will find that mastery with any of your favorite characters is just as hard to achieve. Thus, the competitive factor of the game is still there, and if you have it in you, the game will offer you the tools to explore it. While not the greatest in the series, nevertheless, Street Fighter Alpha 2 is a more than decent game and is worth playing without a doubt.