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The Simpsons Tetris (pc game)
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  • Even the Simpson's have their own Tetris game
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The Simpsons adorning a game of Tetris!

The Simpsons Tetris is not a Tetris variation in which the tetrominoes have all transformed into Simpsons characters, nope, their presence in the game is purely decorative! But, for those that love the TV series, it certainly must be a good idea, to see Bart and co. adorning the sides of the game. So, the actual rules of the game are the ones that we've gotten used to in time: the God of the Tetrominoes (also known as randomness!) sends brick fragments hurling down towards the ground. You have to be fast and smart to move these tetrominoes around and form brick lines with them that are uninterrupted. Well, you know the idea, you just have to be smart, and later on quick. In terms of Simpsons thematic additions, The Simpsons Tetris brings forwards some music, some audio snippets stolen from the show, and also, a color scheme that is centered around the colors used in the animated series. You can play VS matches, and the Simpsons characters that represent the players will emote and offer you an additional layer of elements that make the game more interesting. And if you want a more classic Tetris, download... Classic Tetris!