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The Ultimate Tapan Kaikki (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of Home of the Underdogs revival.
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Translates to the ultimate I'll kill everyone!

The Ultimate Tapan Kaikki is a shooter game, of the top down variety, where you have a little character with a gun that never seems to run dry of bullets, and a world of mighty enemies that just need to be exterminated. The game is built using sharp edged level elements, and you can take cover behind these and you can get upgraded weapons and so on, which are scattered in the level. It's pretty sweet, direct, really relaxing and fun at the same time, and with that DOS simplicity which it conveys, even if it was released for the Windows OSes of the late 90s. At any rate, that's the beginning. Later levels can really put you under some difficulty, so be prepared for a more challenging type of gameplay. Yet, overall, The Ultimate Tapan Kaikki is a fun, arcade shooter, and if you like games such as Zombie Shooter, this one will definitely offer you a whole lot to look for. So have it in your collection! The bullet hungry enemies can't wait to see you pointing at them! Because they are many and you just one!