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Yuppi's Revenge (pc game)
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  • Title screen
  • Main game screen
  • Travelling overseas
  • Transport goods
  • Carrying out some transactions
  • Buying some stocks
  • Exploring new strange
  • Not sure what this is about
  • Transport screen
  • Save game screen
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Very competitive business simulation

It is a management simulation game based on a realistic plot and involves some educational elements as well. The plot here is that it is 1960 and a big oil company of the US that was involved in digging oil fields and rigs is in a bad situation and is about to go bankrupt. It has been decided in the shareholders meeting that the whole management will be fired and 4 fresh graduates from Harvard will be given a chance to rebuild the fortunes of the company. So you being one of the 4 graduates have been given the opportunity to prove your metal. So you will now move from one country and to another and buy oil fields and extract oil to send it to your homeland and then selling it all over the world to earn money. The money that you earn should be used strategically to both buy new oil fields and developing the machinery and to invest it in the stocks of your own company and your competitors. You can also go for some not so legal ways in sabotaging the operations of your opponents. The graphics in the game and the user interface apart from the competitive gameplay are also good. If you really want to feel like a business tycoon, Business Simulator is another great game.