20000 Leagues Under the Sea

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Coktel Vision First person

A nice try to reenact the famous novel

This very simple adventure game (much like Neuromancer) takes you through the story of Jules Verne's novel with the same name and captures the storyline and atmosphere of the classic quite faithfully. For those unfamiliar with the novel, the story is this - you are Professor Pierre Aronnax and you find yourself aboard the submarine Nautilus run by its socially estranged Captain Nautilus. With him, you get on a beautiful underwater adventures, solve puzzles and try to get back home to France. The puzzles might be oversimplified and not so challenging but it's a great experience to relive the fantastic adventure novel in a computer game. The visuals are nice, but the colors are a bit distorted. The sound system is authentic and good, which is in fact a wonder for a 1988 game, and the game has a cool intro opera song. Personally, I give the game the credit for trying to reenact the novel and they did it as best they could, but still, the game is lacking that adventurous feeling reading the book had, and the poor graphics are not helping the situation one bit. Maybe the game is better suited for those who haven't read the books. An okay game, but far from perfect.

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