Little Red Riding Hood

Adventure 1991 Dos Coktel Vision First person

Interactive book, telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood

This is an interactive fiction/puzzler/adventure game, delivered in the form of a story, where you read a portion and then you find yourself in a level where you have to solve a puzzle, take an action or simply get to look at a few cool drawings. It's beautifully rendered, as the book portions are written as a book, with clean and beautiful fonts, the kind that you'd expect to find in an old tome. Then, at times, the game offers you the interactive portions, and these are too very well designed. Not only that, but they follow the story properly, so that if you've read Little Red Riding Hood before, you're going to have a good idea of what to expect. Also these portions are very well done graphically, which adds to the production value a lot, and that, plus great sounds and the fact that you will play both as Red Riding Hood as well as the Wolf, puts the original story into a totally different kind of head space, and allows one to experience the story from a totally different perspective. A similar offering, worth downloading is 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, which basically offers you an interactive, alternative Jules Verne eponymous read.

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