3-D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe

Simulation 2000 Windows Sierra Design Tool City simulation Civil

Choo choo!

An updated version of 3D Ultra Train Town, this is basically a big computerised train set that is sure to be enjoyed by railway fans of all ages. This enhanced version adds in a bunch of new missions and a track creation system, so even if you have played the standard version, there is much to enjoy here. You can start off by laying down all of the pieces of your imaginary world, from train tracks, to buildings to animals and beyond, with a massive selection of objects. There are over thirty real world trains to play with too, dating back to the glory days of steam, while the range of track pieces allows for almost infinite variations to be created. Once you've laid everything down (which is a pretty extensive task in itself), you can then jump into your creation and interact with the various elements. You can choose to be a passenger or a conductor and make sure goods and people get to where they need to be. Thanks to the level editor, your worlds don't even need to be entirely realistic, with options for backyards, dinosaur farms, the North Pole and even the moon, just to keep things interesting. As far as railway construction sets go, this is pretty decent stuff. It doesn't quite have the depth of management sims like Railroad Tycoon but it is lot more accessible, and some might say fun, than these more serious games. The visuals are charming and detailed and thanks to the intuitive interface and handy tutorials, it's relatively easy to get started. Really, if you have a train buff in the house, do them a favour and check this out.

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