Reach Out For Gold

Sport 1993 Dos Dosbox Flair Software Summer sports Humorous

Fun sports action

Sporting fans in search of a bit of multi-player action, a bit like the classics Track and Field or Hypersports, could do worse than seek out this relatively unknown slice of fun. A decent line-up of eight sports are on display here and are presented with a nice line of humour to make the game stand out from the crowd. Alongside the standard track events like the 100m sprint, javelin and long jump, you also have more unusual events to participate in, like boxing, skeet shooting and archery, with swimming and kayaking rounding out the list. Some of the events are pretty ordinary, like the sprint, while boxing is fun but doesn't feature many moves and with swimming requiring little more than plenty of button mashing. However, others like archery are challenging and different and with kayaking probably the most original and unusual sport available. When you put them all together though, any shortcomings they might have are negated somewhat, and this is especially so when the game is played with friends. Visually, the game is highly appealing, with its less than realistic approach which favours brightly coloured environments and nicely chunky and well animated sprites. The controls are simple enough to get the hang of and are generally pretty responsive, making this an easy game to pick up and get into. The humour is a welcome addition and there are plenty of neat touches that will make you smile (watch out for the skeet shooting guy who takes pot shots at you), so overall this is a fun sporting game that is perfect with friends.

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